Surprise, it's in white!

There are two basic prices for columns:

With Brass tops ......... 419 a pair
With my own tops ....... 299 a pair
A stout, fitted box ..... 110 (lockable or ball catch)

In either case, matching rests are included

Brass tops have become somewhat 'traditional', but they are more expensive.
If you'd like a close up of both kinds, to help you choose, please e-mail me and I'll send images and details of them.

Carriage is payable and varies by country:

UK ............27.80 (Post Office "Special Delivery" next day)
Europe approx..45.00 (60 Euro)
US ....approx..120.00 (240 Dollars)

All goods are very well packed and are always fully insured

International payments in any currency can be handled by "PayPal" which accepts most cards. or, funds can usually be wired direct to my account.